The 5 Day Proof of Concept – How To Sell Review Management

[Music] welcome everybody my name is Garrett Sussman I’m the senior content marketing major at grade US and today we are hosting a webinar with the cofounders of reputation loop the five day proof of concept for selling review management Jeff swear and Zac Andersen are joining us and they’re gonna go through their strategy of how to sell review management to your you know local local business customers now next slide Jeff a little bit of context with reputation loop they are one of a variety of companies that were acquired by the Alpine software group great us was actually acquired last year so we’re all now part of this Marta Alpine software group Marc tech and as such Jeff and Zac are working with great us to really bring their expertise their knowledge of this local review management space and the software that they built and kind of integrating it with great us so I’m gonna let Jeff take it away from here and he is going to dive into the five-day proof of concept one last thing we will be taking questions and answers at the end so stick to the end if you have any specific questions about you know how you can sell review management Jeff and Zac will have the answer so Jeff over to you awesome thanks Carrie thanks everybody joining us thanks for watching us here on the replay this is obviously a little bit different webinar because you’ve got us coming in here we’ve been working behind the scenes with great dentists for the last several months as we align platforms and start moving and merging our customers into the grandidis platform as we were talking with Garrett and the team and what we were doing with the merge of these two platforms is basically aligning ours into great us what we really came across was there some things that we could help benefit agencies on the greatest side and Garrett asses come on and give this presentation you guys you’re in for a real treat today our agencies love this they are implementing it right now they’ve been doing it for the last 12 to 14 months or so inside their own businesses with some really great success so before I dive into the training and walk you guys through and realize as we go through it’s a hundred percent training today I’m going to give you exactly what we’re doing and what we were selling as an angle for reputation of to our agencies so for Zach and myself I’m the guy on the left I’m Jeff short but looking guy on the right is my business partner in reputation loop that we started Zach Anderson we started working with local businesses over ten years ago you know back since 2008 we have offices in Scottsdale Arizona which is me in San Diego California which is sac our motto when we started this company and all the way through is keep it small keep it all we want to have a lean efficient basically business model that was able to be built off of processes and systems that we could duplicate easy and then how team members got there replicate or focus has always been to automate and scale to be able to serve a lot of people and make a good profit coming in and have a high profit margin and our family and lifestyle are important matter of fact I’m going to four or five different places in the next month but I was actually going traveling for a bit by the summer as well and we like to spend time with our family in golf and do all that and that’s part of that lifestyle that agencies and digital agencies are really into and that you guys like so let’s tell you guys this because we align very very well and we understand where you guys are at and your pain points and your business because we both have digital agencies that sell to local businesses as well so well that’s a couple of question for you it started here and we’ll kind of go through these so you guys are applied to these as you go you know how many folks here have at least five clients you provide digital services for typing it yes if you do and no if you don’t have an agency that big normally what we see here and then we’re gonna see it again right now is we have about a 60/40 50-50 split on that for you know there’s a lot of agencies they’re just trying to get started you’re just trying to get your first four five clients where you kind of break even and you’re starting to see if this is something that you can do for yourself in your business and then there’s a lot of you that I can see that type of didn’t know as well because you don’t have an agency that bigger you’re you’re trying to get there maybe you’re a zero there agency here’s getting started trying this out well guys question if you were typed in no is why haven’t you closed more deals what do you think the hurdle or the barrier for you is to be able to not close at least five deals in your all right so we get normally answers and we’ve seen them again here you know I don’t have a system like I don’t have a process to be able to do that or not sure how to approach lead or what my sales funnel is those are a lot of common things that we do see we’re gonna tackle a lot of those guys today so whether you answered yes or no the question I have here is who here on this call today there’s a lot of guys on this call it would like a faster and more cost-effective way to close more deals and build a monthly recurring revenue source from your digital agency so I put a yes if if you want that so you guys said yeah so it’s starting to light up I see all the answers coming yes absolutely for sure so guys our goal today is simple you join us today to show for us to show you guys how we get in the door and use our five date for the concept technique to prequalify and close customers those are some key factors right there and then demonstrate the software that we leverage do it and the software before we demonstrate to you to be graded on us so how you guys can use that inside of that so you guys a lot of you already have that your agencies here so here’s what we’d like to do in the next hour if that’s what that’s okay with you well you’re about to learn is in this multi-part training is number one in part one how to leverage a digital service that is not optional for business owners now a few years ago you could have argued that this may have been something it was optional it is no longer optional at all to cover that here in just a few minutes part two how we can guarantee a yes from almost every business owner we talked to part three how to easily qualify a convert prospect part for how to leverage technology to automate most or all of the process and part 5 how to use this to build recurring revenue and sales which is key basically you want to be generating revenue so you have money coming in on a regular basis you can go do the things that you want to do and know that you’re not hunting to kill your next meal so in part one how to leverage a digital service that is not optional first of all the surgical service you’re talking about is online reviews and you guys get that because you’re in the greatest platform why online reviews matter more today than ever before because whether you guys like it or you use online reviews personally they must be an integral part of your marketing strategy for your clients consumers love online reviews and they use them daily think about you don’t yourself and what you’re doing they use them daily to gain inside Amazon product to accountants to doctors for me hotels and flights restaurants dealerships and you’re going through and you’re looking and some people are leaving those reviews if you are not using them you are definitely not on the internet and you’re not shopping you’re not going anywhere because reviews are everywhere across the internet it is now an integral part of shopping and looking and searching on-line as a matter of fact 86% of consumers read local reviews for business now this is a bright local survey consumer survey from 2018 you guys can see that a lot of consumers are using reason no basically eight and a half of nine out of ten read local news the positive reviews make more than two-thirds sixty-eight percent of consumers trust a business smart they want to see those positive reviews and 57% more than half need at least a four star rating so if you are looking at prospects or if you’re looking for business to work with yourself if they have less than a four are you potentially gonna go somewhere else a lot of cases yes so that is a huge pool of leads from you guys know after because they don’t have a four star rating more than half of the customers that are potentially looking at them aren’t even going to give them a chance 86% of consumers think that reviews all of them three months aren’t relevant this would be a key thing here as you go through this process because if they’re not recent reviews in the last three months they’re also being ignored because they’ve been six months nineteen months ago and it’s a business gonna change or something could have happened so let’s a little bit about local search factors and what Google looks at when they’re looking at a business with Google my business and everything that’s all taken into a cup into the all-encompassing factors of this first of all they look at location proximity the distance of how far the potential search result is from the device so what they’re doing is they’re looking at your IP address on a computer on your mobile device your tablet your iPhone your Android device your Google pixel whatever it is they’re looking to see where you are in relation to the nearest solution the problem that you’re searching for so if you’re searching Corvette if you’re searching for a doctor if you’re searching for place to get your hair cut we’re gonna give them somewhere closer to you and you guys all seen this and they’ve gotten really good over the last several years and then is it relevant to the search doesn’t search result what it’s typed in obviously that’s pretty simple right there next one here is the business prominent based on the information that Google has about the business across the web like links articles directories and then even the Google review count and score are factored into local search rankings so that means that reviews are not optional the more reviews and positive ratings they have that will help improve the business’s local rankings and it’s been proven over and over again now online reviews matter a lot and we talked about this several years ago in our platform I call it the three RS to online reviews they must be real recent and relevant what that means is they must be from real users and google has gotten away from all the anonymous reviews and things like that there’s recently purging those out of the system a lot of the other sites need you and require you to log in to know you have a real profile they must be recent within the last three months and they must be relevant to what that searches so if somebody’s talking about auto mechanic but they’re on a hair salon site that’s not going to be irrelevant a review and the quality quantity reviews are also taken into consideration so these are the factors that you guys need look at when you’re talking to your prospects when you’re looking at how you’re positioning your packages and your offers of how you’re going to get real recent relevant reviews for your customers now which sites should you focus on for review generation for the five-day proof of concept we focus on one site and that’s Google because it is the one that almost every single business has an account for they have a Google my business account they understand it they have a relationship with them and they know what they’re doing when it comes to log in with a Google account and setting things up and it’s the most prominent obviously when you come down the search engine so we’re going to Google now we’re looking to find hey how do we get that yes to get the business or to get them reviews on Google to show them that we could actually do this for their business and generate them those online reviews which helps boost the ranking which helps prospect so how can we guarantee a yes from almost every business owner you guys like to know exactly how we position our quote unquote offer this is the cornerstone offer that Zack and I offered during this process when we narrowed down our proof of concept from 30 down to 14 down to 10 to 7 and then all the way down to five days compressed our sales cycle family yes you guys like to know exactly how we position that offer I see that they keep it up here so we can see you guys are typing in yes as you go absolutely all right thanks guys all right get a pen and paper write this down take a screenshot this will be on the replay as well could you learn and repeat this elevator pitch this is literally the two sentences that you need to memorize be able to sell and pitch what we’re talking about today it is this simple we help create more reviews for your business online give us five days and you’ll see results it’s that simple that is how we guarantee yes from almost every single business owner I talked about the different psychology pieces behind this and a little bit but if you can write this down and memorize it we help create more reviews for your business online give us five days and you’ll see results it’s that simple this allows you to do several things in this process so bring this back up later on again if you guys have read it down but we helped create more reviews for your business online give us five days and you’re see results that’s you literally go to any Chamber event you can literally meet somebody in an elevator and tell them what you do if somebody asks you what do you do for your business you don’t default more I say oh I got a digital agency or whatever we helped create more reviews for businesses online give us five days you’ll see results that’s simple and then you can forget that hey how do you do that or I’m more interesting can you tell me more about that you’re peeking their interest with that but with all that I’m gonna give you your best chance to kill it by going out there after the traffic that’s setting up and we’re gonna use and leverage law reciprocity in this process in that five-day proof of concept that we’re talking about now your best chance to run traveling and get people in your sales funnel and to run this writing flu concept we’re gonna go from good to better the best right good run online ads me a Google Facebook Instagram send your landing page maybe give them something away or tell what they’re gonna do and get their information but it’s just it is it’s called and yes they’re searching for you but they’re looking at fifteen other things another way the exact and I I’ve done this really well before is called email prospecting would one by one or in mass finding a solution where you’re basically reaching out ask me business and they like more reviews asking what question would you like more customers leads on a regular basis it’s pretty good but that you go through that process where you have to then call out read each have them come back and go through and it works a better is online webinar through or one-on-one screen share demos now those are great when you get a large group with the one on screen share demos we have our sales team that we had doing these kind of things and you know it take some time they got to follow up and do all that but if you want to get the quicker results the better results what a local business owners like they’d like to know that you’re in their local area that they can come spine stop by and see you or you know they think to think no mind is either never I come by they shake your hand you’re face to face because they do business face-to-face with their clients as well in the digital space we get so used to being in our own distant areas that we forget that the business owners want to see somebody so in-person at a trade show or an event booth or a Chamber event or something like that works really well because you can use that elevator pitch we just talked about even best speaking in front of a live group an event to chamber a networking group positioning y reviews matter today more than ever before nation works really really well because not only are you showing up in providing value up front but you’re introduced as an authority in the space so you come in with leverage showing that hey this person knows what they’re talking about they’ve been invited by the moderator of the group or the group itself or whatever it is to present on this topic that gets your foot in the door and allows you to give something a little it away for free now the psychology behind the concept is we use a no risk trial and the law reciprocity to get that yes from almost every single business owner so here’s how you position the proof of concept and set yourself up for success first of all simple cells basic blocking and tackling and we talked about this in our business together for several for several years you want to say laser focus and you want to keep simple pricing models do the same thing my agency today we say focus on just one thing that we’re selling and we have simple pricing models so it’s easy to understand so that way you’re not talking about money and price into a business they get on your packages and they know exactly what it’s gonna cost we use our 10 second elevator pitch I mean guys how hard is it to give away something for free you’re gonna say hey look give me five days I’ll work for you and I’ll generate you more online reviews and absolutely no risk what business owner wouldn’t like to at least see you try I mean I met with one of the biggest flooring companies in my state and it was on a no risk trial to him and he was like well doesn’t cost me anything no one gets in his door no one gets a face-to-face meeting with him but I was able to because I was giving him something away for free instead of asking for something face-to-face then you let the product sell itself we’re gonna show you guys how to use the five-day prove the concept with great done us the platform how really stupid simple it is this because reviews are an option and we don’t give them a login to any of the platforms or anything we ask them for one simple thing if they can’t do it they don’t meet our criteria it’s literally that simple process and then they start seeing the reviews come in their Google I business are doing the email alerts so our pops up on their site or their district seeing more on their other Google search this reviews aren’t optional we I talked about this and then they started asking about how much this is gonna cost or what things are gonna do in this process and the five name from the concept in the trial period the initial five days it’s absolutely free today we’re sat down oh five days let me see that I can get you results and we’re going to come back and sit down and go through that process now part three is very very key here because this actually puts you in the position of power over the business owner and we’re gonna show you how to easily qualify and convert a prospect so what exactly qualifies prospect of somebody that you want to work with or that makes them a good potential client or customer of yours so don’t make things hard on yourself you want to decide who you want to be the customer you can say yes or no because if somebody keeps harassing you every single day if they haven’t paid you money yet you have no problem walking away and saying sorry this isn’t a good fit for us or I don’t think I’ll get you the results that I want and you can walk away but the thing is when I look at a customer and set up I’m gonna work with them or might be happy working with them or how this is gonna go I basically say can I answer yes to these three simple questions and write this down guys number one are they easy to work with we recent a carpet cleaning guy come to my office and he’s been very very difficult to work with where you know he asked for one thing changing his mind and does that we basically said this guy doesn’t fit the model he’s not somebody that easy and is easy to work with because he’s calling changes mind or awful even collapse manager and you know ask for something different and you know we’ve had to basically put put our foot down say sorry you don’t meet our criteria and move on number two and they get me the one thing that I need for them for the five day proof of concept here’s the one thing that you need you need a list of their most recent customers so restaurants this may not be a great set for because they don’t necessarily have a list of most customers doctors dentists dealerships accountants anybody that has a high turnover especially during certain times a year HVAC you know Mobile Detailing those are all great industries that go after all we do is say hey look all I need is a list of your most recent 30-60-90 customers and the reason why it’s a 30-60-90 is depending on how busy they are obviously the more you can get the better because you’re gonna get the better results but you want to make sure you can get them the results so you want to see them getting those results the hottest needs are gonna be sorry the hottest customers gonna be within 3045 days cuz they remember their experience and then the last thing is am I able to get them the results that I promised what we’re doing with this process is we’re telling them give us five days we’re going to get your results here’s what I need from you I need to list your most recent 30 customers I’m gonna put them into my system I’m gonna send out a feedback request to be able to see if they’re happy or not and then get them to go to Google to leave you an online review if you do this and the list isn’t responsive or they’re just not legal reviews and this might not be a good fit or a good industry or locale for you because you don’t have to work in your own town but this might not be a location that’s really prominent on using reviews for you know going online you leaving reviews for their customers in that specific industry know if that doesn’t work and you can’t get the results you promised then they’re not a good fit but if they’re easy to work with where she means they get you their stuff they’re not harassing you and they understand what you’re doing you can get the list of recent customers and then you can get the results that are the three yeses that I need say this is somebody that I would like as a prospect to turn into here’s what’s the number one factor for success its execution if you can’t execute a gameplan you’re not going anywhere you can basically do paralysis by analysis so everything I’m trying to create all these things but if you can just do these few simple steps you guys are going to see results so here’s your steps to qualifying and closing prospect first of all step one is instead of a system to act their recent customers for a review so you need to set up that system so that there’s something in place and that’s gonna be great down to the platform where I show you how to do that here just a little bit step 2 let me just start about you get a list of the past fourteen thirty sixty ninety days of customers depending on the overall scope I’ll be sure the more the better that you can get them you’re gonna get them quicker results upload this list to your quote-unquote system to ask for review we always talk about the black box right black box in black box out when you’re talking you’ve got the first time you don’t need to describe everything you do know and all this other stuff you need to literally just say hey look we’re gonna put in our system we upload your customers we’re gonna ask them for reviews and when I get you guys reviews online and then you offer them the same service after this five-day period that you just did for free for your price to continue on the see reviews coming in for their future customers because you’ve proven your value and you’ve given them results now a lot of people say well you just give it to them for free why are they gonna pay you because they want it to keep coming you’ve given them a taste so the number of reviews you can generate for them and then you’re gonna do this on a regular basis for them to have new reviews coming in remember they need to be real recent and relevant so you’re going to do that for your prospects now the key here and this is why we do it within five days basically one business week is a show your customers results fast so to do that you have to automate the process and you have to have a system in place so we’re going to show you here and have part for how we use technology to automate most or even all of the process and with that you guys want to see the system that we use to close deals type of the yes in the Box in the chat box here I’ll head over Garrett on a nap him login and I’ll show you the system and what we do all right we got some guests coming in all right you guys are alive so Garrett do you want to take the screen over from handsome Jeff yeah that sounds great perfect yeah let me I will take over awesome awesome strategy and I think everyone here really appreciates kind of the key you know it’s interesting with with all the bells and whistles that’s your point that great us offers the key is the simplicity right is really focusing in on what you’re gonna deliver and so when you’re looking at how great us actually operates the key is making it you know as simple as possible if you’re gonna be doing this for a bunch of customers you don’t want to spend a ton of time setting up the system and so with great us we make it really easy really streamlined once you even get your first one set up it’s that much easier for you to just duplicate existing templates so what we’re looking at here is a little under the hood behind the scenes what you’re gonna be setting up for these clients that you know have given you the opportunity and say they want to try out so I have an example of the review funnel landing funnel and especially when we’re focusing on Google for instance and we can even remove facebook from here we’re gonna remove any sort of segmentation so when they come to this review funnel they’re just going to be going straight to Google no distractions we’re just gonna get them Google reviews now down the line in terms of retention and after this first five-day approval concept then you might start to focus on some of the other review sites but right now it’s all about Google so the way we’re gonna set this up is I’m gonna create a brand new business I’m gonna say you know I’ve got my Rocky Hill in which is a local New Jersey restaurant that has the most amazing burgers I were gonna create our little short name here okay and then so you can either use a default setting or once you set up your own profile you can basically very easily copy from another profile it saves you that much more time because remember the key is all about automation and scaling especially as you’re adding significantly more significant more clients so we’re gonna hit submit here the system is gonna set up your profile now remember for all of you who are using the white-label version of our service and so we do have a free version where it’s really just a matter of setting up your own sub domain or domain that’ll point to your own website and brand that is what’s gonna be the review funnel for these clients so you know you’re top of mind you’re gonna see instead of great us here you’re gonna see whatever code subdomain or domain is set up you see the very simple the very simple layout here here’s the segmentation so we’re just gonna go right over to setup we’re gonna switch over to the big button so we go directly to the Google that we want to we’re gonna come right back over to our links and we are going to connect a location so look how see this is you go to connect the location you clear you type in your business Rocky Hill in there it is right there pop it up okay looks good continue it’s going to give you in this first set up the top seven sites so these are the three major sites of Google Facebook Yelp and then it’s going to cover all the Directory Sites so we do that go to Rocky Hill in and then right away it’s very easily just populate so it brings it in there you’ll see the Google options and then right now you have that link that’ll be able to generate the reviews so we’ll go in there we’ll remove the other sites so now we just have Google as our go-to and as you can see if I click here it gives you the instructions so people because sometimes people don’t know how to write a review so here it makes it very easy for your for your clients customers to leave the review on Google really simplifies the process take them right over to their Google my business listing and look I’m already have it right here where I can just select my five stars and leave a great review you know upload a photo so it’s that simple we have the profile set up now you can do any sort of custom customization of the content like if you want to change any of this written copy here and also you’ll be able to put your own brand in the footer there as well so in the set up you can actually change that and just put your power by and then put your own custom power by however you want that to be or you can just remove it all together so really easy took a few minutes we’ve got our system set up naturally if you down the line after you close this client and they become a customer and you want to add all the other industry specific review sites it’s really easy to do that as well but we’re just focusing on Google right now so the port that Jeff brought up was the whole idea of you know what do you need and that is a list of your customers names and emails or phone numbers so in order to start sending out those review requests invitations you just come right over to the review request you have your CSV we’re gonna put in our name of who the emails are gonna come from you know because you want to make sure that you are personable and that you know that they know the business that the email is coming from so we’ll do support at Rocky Hill comm and then you can have a reply email the nice thing is for the for the customers if they do get any sort of replies to these emails you know it does go right back to them so we continue the emails up and you will see the three email seven day template that we’re going to modify quickly for the five day proof of concept so that’s all this up you’ll see that we have under emails here we have all these templates that are really you know simple and straightforward they just say thanks for choosing the business name which is rocky hill it comes right in there based on the business name that you set up in the first place I’d like to personally invite you to share your experience your feedback not only helps us it helps other potential customers takes only a moment and would mean the world to us they click that Buy and it takes them to the review funnel straight to Google now you’ll see there are three emails here but the whole thing is customizable which is great so you can choose the Daisy one and once you have this initial system in place then you can just duplicate this profile so say for instance we only want to do for the five-day proof of concept we’re gonna remove the third email and we’re gonna change the second email to day four because we do remember we do want to make sure that we give people the chance to leave the reviews before you go back to your client and show them the results so at the end of that you’re gonna have all these great google reviews that have come in once you get that list of 30-60-90 customers the way you’re gonna add that is by clicking this upload of CSV file or xlsx for anyone who uses Excel you’ll just have it simply formatted with the name and the email address or the name and the phone number or even both and then you upload that and that’ll go automatically and start activating your recipients to receive that first email immediately and then a few days later that’s when they receive the second email and you’ll be able to come in here and just for yourself you know the activity you know is are they opening the emails are they clicking through you know are they going all the way to Google you’ll be able to see all that information right here so that’s good for unit you to bring to that final conversation with the client when you’re ready to close now we also have the phone text which is really easy to set up you just add that and the great thing with the text is because we’re all working with our local clients you can actually add a personalised phone number that you’ll receive from great us you choose the area code and then it’ll find an available number that’s based in that that location so you know when we all do receive our robo calls and our and our phone calls that we screen if you see a number that comes from a business that you recognize especially via text you’re that much more likely to click the link go to the review funnel and leave the positive review and then finally going back to the closing meeting at the end of the five days you’re gonna see all the reviews populate and so it’s gonna pull it in and you’re gonna be able to report to the place so I just did this one you can see this is actually kind of a perfect client or prospect because they only have one Google review they have a three star rating and when you think about what Jeff was saying you know most customers want to visit at least a four star rating business before you know they even consider using them so you know right now seeing only one review and three stars for this Kentucky Rocky Hill Inn restaurant chances are they’re not going to go and visit that business so after the five days you know you get this up to 10 15 20 reviews to pay on how many customers that they generate for you and you up this star rating a little bit I mean if you get it above four stars it’s gonna be easier because you have such a low volume quantity of reviews here that clients most likely going to you know seal the deal and as Jeff mentioned as well one of the key aspects with review management in general is the recency of the reviews matter so even when that five days is up he’s gonna talk a little bit more about that but it’s a recurring process there’s a value of continually getting reviews for these customers so that’s pretty much the standard like free five-day proof of concept of how we’re gonna use this review site for most of you who are customers there are a bunch of other bells and whistles that you can start using for retention as you build out the customers once they’re signed whether that’s sharing the positive reviews on Facebook sharing the positive reviews on Twitter you know being able to respond to reviews all these great details but when it comes to this initial selling as Jeff mentioned it’s really about getting those first Google reviews in the first five days so I’ll send it back over to Jeff to kind of take through the last part and then we will take some Q&A pop this up right yeah yeah see that lets see an actual slide Garrett yep looks great awesome all right so let’s talk about what we’ve covered so far first of all part one how to leverage a digital service that is not optional for towlines online reviews it’s not optional in our space anymore if your digital agency this is the key component to your business part two how we can guarantee a yes we almost every business owner by positioning and framing this file a proof of concept where you’re leveraging the law of reciprocity you’re giving them something and showing them results in advanced and that is comes into part 3 of how to easily qualify a converted prospect can they get you the three things the one thing that you need and you answer the yes of those three questions and then part four Garrett just walked you guys through how simple it is for leverage technology to automate most or all the process we’re great at us you can create one template and then just copy that over over and over and over again so you can be putting in multiple basically trials a week and then converting the ones that are actually seeing the results from there and this is a great platform and a great system to be able to do that and use and leverage for the five-day proof of concept so in part five as you go with roll to the last end of this last bit how to use this to build recurring revenue and scale well we talked about the online space and digital agencies offering digital service so local businesses a fortune a lot of people don’t do what they’re teaching fortunately for you guys here on this call myself and Zack both temperature agencies and we’re selling it to local business owners we built a platform around that and granddad us to the same and you know obviously the line as we’ve set up so we know what the overall objections aren’t we know what’s the business owners are gonna say and we’ve tweaked this over the last five plus years now to be able to get that now type into the chat box you guys see us have gone through the first four parts of this I’ll show you guys how to but I want to know how much do you think you should charge how much do you think you should charge for a White Glove service like this how much upfront per month whatever it time it in the chat box I’ll give you guys just a few seconds here as it pops up so all right I can’t come in oops 129 per month 200 per month 195 per month nine ninety five to twelve hundred a year okay all those are good answers you guys are under valuing yourselves and then here’s why you’re offering a white glove service that is two hundred to three hundred dollars a month for what you’re doing because you’re generating the more of using you’re generating more business and you’re doing all the work for them yes it’s easy on this side that’s the black box that’s the system the quote-unquote system that everything’s going in out of you are leveraging that for them and you’re doing all the work all you need from them is a list of recent customers every Friday or every Thursday to be able to send out and you get that you can put it in the black box without the black box do the work and you’re basically uploading it in the system this is like 200 $300 a month service so if you’re at $1.99 $2.99 yeah if you want to do the annual plan and discount them down you’re a little bit on the low side I would say but you guys can offer that service know what your margins aren’t set up but I can tell you right now we have dozens of agencies if not more that are charging 200 $300 a month probably he’s doing this where they’re using the proof of concept everything is built around what we just showed you today using some very similar what Garrett just showed you to charge to hundreds of 300 dollars a month that should be your window you can start at 299 they come down for a sale for 199 if need be and anchor that price up to 300 and run a deal or something along those lines but you remember you’re doing all the work for them they’re just getting new google alerts that they’re getting new positive reviews into their system so that’s how you’re gonna position this and you want to make sure that you charge what your value is don’t let other people tell you that your value is not at that level because what you’re doing for a business owner is at that level so here’s how to set this thing up where it’s a very simple strategy for you and we show you how to position that per concept where it’s setting you up for success every single time our very simple strategy allows you to prequalify the business site we talked about are they easy to deal with are they calling you non-stop or are they able to actually listen to you on a regular basis and basically get you the one thing that you need it allows you to successfully close and retain their business because you’re leveraging the law of reciprocity you’re literally giving them something in that trial in that period of high value and then to continue it on it’s only two or three hundred dollars a month for that for you it takes just a minutes per week to fulfill per location one of the guys we talked to when we started pushing this out we were doing seven-day he was doing fine during the time we and we kind of aligned the two plans with this is you can do an outsourcer you can create and even automate this process where an API is doing this or you’re just uploading it you’d have somebody do it you know Thursday you know morning and your office just call up the business owner or set out an automatic email to go out to be able to get that list back to uploaded that’s very very light work for you for high value for the business owner and the really cool part about the proof of concept it’s in I’m doing this in my agency right now is it allows and affords you the opportunity to convince a business owner to give you a try even if they’re using another agency another platform or you know corporate give them something else because it costs them nothing this is a no risk trial to them you’re going to prove you’re worse and you’ll be able to eat here for the door and if you can get them better results and somebody else is doing with your concept then there you go you’ve now proven that you can do a better job and then you can basically bring them into our fold underneath of your agency key factor in all of this and this is how we were able to grow our business so successfully this less is more a lot of people creates and complicated funnels and all those other things we’re gonna follow up at this part here don’t over complicate your sales process keep it simple Dover complicate the review asking process keep it simple like day one day three or four works well because you’re not gonna email a customer every single day or do a fall just keep it simple you learn about the client and validate if they’re worth working with so if you are working with a client and they’re calling every day or you can’t get the results it’s not a client that’s worth working with you want to learn about that you want to ask some questions about their business so if you’re in this model you’re now sitting down after the fighting room concept and you’ve gotten them reviews this is where you just ask a few pointed questions and this is all to pay on the package if you want to offer you know so it should go ahead and this social sharing or if you want to set up you know something else inside of grado system when the bells and whistles have them tell you about their business and just listen figure out what’s important to them if reviews are important I mean you’re getting them reviews they’re gonna be handing you a check there be swiping their card right there for you on the spot but if there are some other things that are key factors well you know we’re really big on Facebook well I can take those positive reviews and share them on your Facebook page how would you like to have your most recent raving customers pop up on your biggest I’ll ask that to you is your Facebook page correct yeah I can do that for you let me show you how and you walk them through but listen to the business owners and see if they’re able to help you get going and then set up now your goal is to get results in advance by creating online reviews that’s it it’s simple that’s the only thing we look you do hear the way we do that is we recommend our system using yes no yes no question are you happy with your recent visit yes or no you can do it with one to five stars as well but for us it’s a simple yes/no and we tell them look we do everything for you the only thing you need to do is provide us with the name email and cell phone of your customers if they’re unable to do that or they don’t have a list of recent customers they can potentially start gathering them and you come back in a month see if they do it if not then there’s nothing you can do and then you love no hey after this we’ll sit down at five days it is absolutely free today remind them hey look it’s absolutely free today we are going to set this up there’s no risk to you let us try it out and see what happens it’s a very very simple strategy guys it allows you to prequalify the business where you can successfully close and retain their business because you’re getting them as results on a regular basis Thanks just minutes per week to fulfill per location and allows you to scale and it even allows you that opportunity give you try if they’re even using a competitor of yours so let’s go over the QA part Karen I know there’s a lot of questions that have come in I can see that there are some I can’t quite see them because of how I’m sharing my screen but do you want to pull up a couple questions or maybe answer them as we go yeah absolutely um start off and I think Jeffrey here had a great question about finding actually finding the new clients so like you know you mentioned some great ideas in terms of your local chamber and doing your events what are some other ways you know if people aren’t doing events right away that they can actually find prospects to pitch a lot of things like the the Chamber of Commerce and those type of guys are really good cuz you can go to a networking group of things like that if you don’t want you out of your house you can reach out to a business cold and you can literally go out and ask them through cold email hey are you can you handle five new leads per week or you know are you looking for new clients or you’re talking to a doctor or a dentist are you accepting new patients you can ask them those type of questions and to get a cold email reply that would say yes or no or we’re more into you know looking for clients right now and then what you do is you then spin that second reply back to you and say hey look we’re able to get your results if you’d like I can show you you minutes of your time and then you schedule one of those – I think I think we we miss you yeah we will definitely have the recording available for everybody so no problem there question came up from Eric is how can reviews be quantified into leads for the customer so if you have a more advanced customer who wants like those types of metrics how do you typically approach so with us it’s hey look if you’re showing up we leverage it to where your position on on Google is right and people are looking at the most recent real results if you’re at the top you want to stay at the top so you do anything to stay at the top that means generate more reviews that are recent and real and relevant if you’re not by doing this we’re gonna help boost your overall ranking the high you are in the pack the higher you are on the overall organic search that’s going to show you that you have the ability or that’s gonna show that client that you can get them up there and go so we you basically talk about where they’re gonna do on the search side not necessarily hey where are you at when it comes to you know we got 20 degrees or 40 reviews things like that another thing that I talk about is I go back to that bright local survey that we put up earlier and I’ll say hey look you’re sitting at three point nine or four point two if a customer comes to look at you what are the chances that if you’re at four point seven and your competitors are four point two who do you think you would call first to be able to get into that that product basically give another sales funnel to be a prospect so I make sure it’s it’s highly important to understand what they’re looking for and that’s what that little consultative piece of it is after you’ve gotten them the reviews because you want them excited a lot of people walk in with you know we’re gonna go try to cold pitch them and show them that we can generate the reviews and sell them reviews you’re not selling them reviews at this point you’re selling the five-day prove a concept to let me show you that I can get you results with this and then if you would like this to continue this is what it is so you can really simplify and dumb it down too if you’d like what I just did for you for the last week to continue on this is what the cost is per month and then the secondary and tertiary results of getting ranked having higher scores having recent reviews will all compound above that but you really got to keep it down simple thing and make sure you keep them focused on that that laser focus of what your one piece to this puzzle is which is I’m going to show you I can get you reviews the next five days we’ll talk about it after that that’s when you can then in this case we graded us bring in the report show them what they look like you can pull in the other aspects but that’s where it becomes consultative Garan and it also comes to where you’re basically asking them questions and having them talk about your business and open up some of those key points that maybe you weren’t aware of in their business or setup because you can go to a car dealership and they’re selling 150 let’s just say they’re selling 150 cars per month that’s just a couple per day a handful per day and they all do that all right so your car dealership and you’re selling 150 per month how many reviews are you generating well we’re generating 20 well what happened the under 130 you know if you have 17,000 reviews online in the next couple years versus your competitor has 50 reviews that there’s a huge difference there and people will know you’re actively working with your customer so it really boils down to the industry we are talking to you and getting them into the Friday April concept and then getting yourself into the conversation to understand their business and what they really want in their underlying reasons and that’s part of being a digital agency and understanding that you’re consulting with what digital services you offer are best for them that’s see that’s the very point it actually leads into the next question Jeff which is and I’m gonna kind of recon text this it’s not on this one but it’s just they said they have a client for the last few months who hasn’t seen positive results are some clients just not a good fit for the service and since you slightly addressed that I think a little further of like at what point do you you know say goodbye to the client like at what point do you realize you know the client isn’t gonna be happy with the results and you know maybe they’re using other services maybe they’re not how would you handle that situation of what it’s up to you in your business in your in your bottom line right if it’s taking a ton of your time and not adding to your bottom line it’s killing your margins if they’re paying you a huge amount like thousand dollars two thousand dollars a month and they’re just complaining once in a while I would continue on to see if you can find different ways the results may be tried every angle but that’s the story your margins huge there it’s kind of an it depends answer right it depends on the individual situation of you in your business and what you’re willing to put up with in the five-day proof of concept it’s literally are they easy to work with can they get me this list and can I get them results those are the three things I look for and as long as they’re easy to work with and we can do this then it’s hands-off when it starts to become difficult or they’re no longer we’re easy to work with and it’s time to say goodbye yeah I think I think that’s fair I think that’s hard for agencies when you’re when you’re trying to fill out your client roster but I think the reality of it is helps everyone the long run yeah you can’t you you are you early on if your agency was less than five or six clients you don’t want to lose one because you’re losing 20% eighteen percent of your business right you don’t want to lose that it’s a hard decision but sometimes getting rid of that one opens up the door for so much more because you’ve got mental blocks you’ve got things that are in your mind you’ve got prejudice that this is going to be the way my customers are you get rid of that one paying the buck customer and you get one or two really cool ones your business is gonna start to continue to grow and then take off because now your perspective of who your client is it’s not a pain in the butt it’s somebody that’s actually easy to work with and you want more of those we’re getting a lot of great questions now – it’s always like you know as we get towards the end it’s it’s I want it I want to answer all of them but let’s do a little rapid-fire as we get towards the end of the session HIPAA what’s the best way to work with medical professionals make sure that the platform you have has HIPAA compliance and is HIPAA compliant and what we say is look if you are giving us a customer’s name email phone number and we’re putting them in the system we could do it through an API that passes it but figure out what that that compliance looks like for that particular business we don’t know if all you have is their name email phone number if they start putting the information out there then obviously they’re they’re putting their information out there but not not you but that’s that’s kind of a tricky one to make sure that it’s the industry that you’re working with what the what the regulations are obviously what you know what data you have of the client passing and then obviously for for graded us what that platform looks like what you guys have is your own Ava compliance inside of that so that it’s one where I can’t really speak on behalf of another platform so talk to obviously the business talked attorney if you have to and then and see what the the platform itself has for you know HIPAA regulations and what they store and what they don’t do and all that kind of stuff so unfortunately I can’t speak too deep into that one beautiful no worries I mean it’s it’s if that’s why the industry is tricky it’s it is regulated you have to you know follow the guidelines but a lot of it is doing your own due diligence so real quick Mike last about review gating I know with great us we have like we’re showing the direct to Google workflow that doesn’t sort of separate or gate the different customers but what do you say to review gating what are your thoughts we follow the Google appliance you’re on Google so follow their terms it really hasn’t if it hasn’t affected look if you’re gonna played at that platform follow their rules don’t get yourself or your business in trouble you probably work around but there’s there’s no reason to play by the rules and that helps you with your customers to don’t play where you know you send one to Google them or not at least leave Google as an option most customers that are negatives that leave feedback they are not going to go to Google plan they’re gonna hope that the business owner gives you know gives a reply and go from there we very rarely see a case where that we would even care about review gating because most customers that would leave a negative you are gonna do it whether you ask them for feedback or not and then that’s what review monitoring is for the other component one of the other pillars of this when you offer a package so follow Google what their compliance is and meet the rules that’s that’s our beautiful and in terms of the social media that you mentioned we’re asking about white glove service how do you incorporate the social media sharing for them without having access to the backend dashboard I’m not sure how rep loop worked but he wants to know when you their login credentials and to that Michael yeah you would need to get the clients law incidentals how would you handle that sort of situation Jeff if you’re still on would you even address in the five different concept of wait till you’ve closed no I don’t do it that’s that when I talked about we talked about social and added those digital things that’s in your consultative meet up after the five days after you’ve gotten the results and they say then you’re listening to them you’re gonna need to get their login or have them add you as an admin to a page to connect or you know get the login to connect and then and then be out now change you know it’s the you can’t log back in but that’s part of the package on the backend and that’s the additional upsell or something they could get you to a close or something along those lines so that’s the important piece about that is that’s after you’ve proven the concept singular focus narrow road blinders on for the five day proof of concept you are literally basically saying we can generate more reviews for your business give us five days and we’ll prove it to you like that is it you know we generate online reviews of local businesses give us five days and we’ll prove it thing all you have to do don’t do anything else that’s how simple at it right yeah it’s you once you want to do all that other stuff that’s in the consultative piece and that’s part of you and your packages and what you want to do and have those preset to know what grayed out us can do and what you have available to you so when they say those things it piques your interest and triggers the ability for you to talk about that in your sales process and most of our agencies and I’m sure this is the case with you the digital services agencies have other services that you’re eventually going to get to when you have that consultative process so you know that’s when you bring up the SEO the social media the other services that compliment are complemented by review management you know that’s where you go thereafter yep that usually can come in the 30 60 90 day window too because if they’re you know if you get on the reviews all sudden you’re off from $1000 package like oh I did want to sell them what they just got proof of and then prove your worth and then upsell them the next package or they’ll come to you and say hey can you do this and then you know in the process if they’re asking you those questions hey can you do this then yes or no or we can you know find find your solution problems yeah last couple questions what are your top three industries that you like for this service that’s always a big one because I had a bunch of dentists and their automotive was a huge one for us and then you know obviously chiropractors are always good anything with a high churn so I would say Dennis automotive and then Home Services was a really good one so a lot of pest control that I ran and they they ran this hard and saw a lot of reviews coming so those are the three so home services dental and automotive are the three major industries I would if I were starting out if I here’s the other thing too if you know people in different industries now you know somebody in the insurance industry or the real estate industry or things like that you have an in to get in front of people to speak don’t not go to those guys because that is a way to get yourself in his authority but if I was starting over and knew nothing and had zero connection so after do you promote a DIY and di FM pricing on your website what do you recommend with how you promote it it’s done for you would be that the key factor what we found and second I learned this over the last several years is we’ve given them logins we’ve had their office manager do it and say that they’re uploading lists and stuff like that but when they’re not we actually built into our system uh-huh to be able to tell if they were actually logging in or not or doing it and you know we can say that hey look we’re not the doctor can call you and say we’re not getting results you guys are doing we need to cancel your service or say well your front desk hasn’t been uploaded to customers or they haven’t logged in in two months oh no they’re telling me they’re logged in there you’re just not getting us results then we can show them that hey look your they didn’t log in here’s the proof they haven’t even uploaded a list in two months and that promptly changed some attitudes but the that shows us that the do-it-yourself model is difficult to keep a client happy when all you have to do is this one simple thing a couple minutes a week so we focus on the white glove done for you where you can charge more versus making that commodity where you’re just getting a login and if they do it they do it they don’t know that’s great if you want to do a huge volume and don’t they care about cherry but realistically you guys are in a local space with your business owners you’re offering a digital service you’re going to want to do it for them and it’s not that hard it’s only a few minutes per week per location just upload a list and you’re done so that’s great um I just want to thank everybody for joining us today really appreciate the time of Jeff and Zac to come and share their expertise on working with various agencies and how they sell review management really appreciate it want to keep doing these webinars having these Q&A is at the end if you do have any additional questions that we did not get to feel free to email support at grave dot us and I’ll make sure it gets in front of Jeff and Zac or I’ll get an answer and get right back to you everybody have a great one Friday and enjoy the rest of your weekend thanks again Jeff and Zac thanks again for everybody who joins us this is Garrett signing off and grade us goodbye [Music]