Powerful Advantages of Google Business Reviews

Advantages The of Google Reviews

Why Google reviews? There are many reasons for reviews, but one key reason is to allow a business to prove their worth on the global market. Google reviews provide social proof that your company is trustworthy, a business trait often more valuable than creative marketing. Google reviews works for all size businesses and gives the small entrepreneur the same advantages as large corporations to boost credibility with online consumers. Don’t leave it to chance that people will stumble onto your site. Google reviews includes ranking for local SEO which translates to more opportunity for customers to find you online.

Google business reviews allow any good business to prove they are worthy of customer loyalty. The reviews also allow a level playing field where creative marketing, expensive campaigns, and professional copywriting aren’t the only means of generating business. It’s true that these components have an impact, but Google Reviews ensures that those businesses without large marketing budgets have the ability to rank up there with big business with deep pockets. This is largely because Google reviews focuses on transparency and showing a business’ worth rather than giving points for having good writers on staff.

Google reviews provide the opportunity to level the playing field between big and small businesses when it comes to local SEO. Businesses who utilize Google reviews have the potential to rank higher in local search results. If Google thinks that the local mom and pop shop that is selling pet supplies provides a better shopping experience than the local big box store, the mom and pop shop could score higher in the local search rankings. The same advantage is available to the big box store, too.

Google reviews have the potential power to influence brand trust, local SEO, and feedback. Read on to discover the top 3 advantages of Google reviews.

  1. Google Business Reviews Increase Brand Trust

Transparency is becoming more and more important to consumers. There is a vast amount of information available online about any business. Consumers tend to research a business, and more importantly read customer reviews, before deciding whether to purchase goods or services from that business. Surveys have shown that more than 85% of people will choose a company based on that company’s consumer reviews. A large part of this research is done through Google reviews. Studies also show that over 70% of consumers claim that their trust level of a company goes up when they read positive reviews. What this translates to is that positive reviews have the power to allow businesses to gain a competitive edge over their competition by collecting Google reviews.

  1. Google Business Reviews Increase Online Exposure & Local SEO

Google’s search algorithms are extremely complex, but one thing is for sure … Google reviews have an impact on Google local search. According to Moz, approximately 9% of Google’s entire search algorithm is driven by review signals like the ones you’ll find in a business’ Google review. These review signals generally focus on review quantity, speed, and diversity.

A well-balanced combination of these review signals can help secure your company’s positioning towards the top of Google local search results. This helps consumers find your business quicker and easier than using only traditional SEO activities like keyword research and blogging. Although the traditional SEO methods are still viable, as a local business it’s critical that you don’t rely solely on them and neglect to take advantage of other mediums like Google reviews.

With proper execution, Google business reviews can be one of your most successful marketing tactics. This is partially because Google business reviews allow your business to show up in the “Map Pack”. The Map Pack (shown below) consists of a group of businesses near the location from where you’re searching. The map pack displays the name and link to the business, the address and phone number, and the total number of Google reviews in addition to the average rating.

  1. Business Reviews Provide Customer Intelligence through the Feedback Loop

One of the most valuable advantages of Google reviews is the consumer intelligence that you can gain from customer feedback. Every Google business review you collect can, and should, serve as a customer survey response for you and your staff. In addition, each Google review will generally also tell you …

  1. whether or not your company delivered a positive customer experience
  2. in what capacity your company excelled or failed, and
  3. what product or service they received from your business

By using Google reviews, you can quickly determine which areas of your business require improvement, and which areas you should be promoting

At Podium, we’ve developed a simple process for any business to utilize when looking to get the most from their feedback loop.

The first step is to monitor and watch for a Google review after a transaction has occurred. You can either use an online reputation management platform like Werdeva to monitor reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook or you can monitor these sites manually. The major advantage to using a software platform is reviews won’t slip through the cracks and jeopardize this entire process. Rather, a good platform can inform you every time a review has gone live and allow you to respond right from the platform.

The second step is to respond to the Google review. If the Google review is negative, you should always leave a response doing your best to resolve any issue.  In general, it’s wise to apologize and provide a way to right any wrong they believe your business has committed.

Last of all, is the process alteration. This is where you can patch up faulty processes or send praise to the areas that are performing well. By altering these processes, you’re, in theory, testing new processes to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. For many of our clients, this is a major value-add and competitive advantage over the next business in their industry. Through Google reviews and other review sites alike, they are able to optimize various areas of their business to provide a better customer experience and be found more easily on Google.



Google business reviews can help drive the three core areas of your business: brand trust, local SEO, and feedback. If you’re not currently utilizing Google reviews, you’re potentially missing out on advantages that put you behind your competitors.

Google reviews are FREE. For many businesses, use of these reviews can provide incredible ROI. Utilize Google reviews and see incredible results with a minimal investment of time and resources.

Increase brand awareness and trust!

Increase local SEO!

Benefit from the consumer intelligence gained from Feedback Loops!

Engage in one of the most cost-effective ways of driving traffic to your business!

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