7 Landing Page Hacks That’ll Double Your Sales | AWasia 2017

How is everyone doing today? Good. I think I will talk about it today. Slightly interesting things. Quickly ask questions about timing. Time limit is only for The lecture or the question section? Anyway, I think it should just be Today I want to say something interesting This is my Twitter account. If you have any questions, you can @ 我 What I want to do is first ask how many of you are members of the alliance? Many How many of you are companies that have offers? OK I guess some alliance members will create their own offers once they grow Right? So I want to do something interesting. Let ’s see everyone. I ’ll review the familiar landing page Because if you direct traffic to these landing pages Whether you create your own offer or direct traffic to someone else’s offer You’ll end up with these conversion suggestions for landing pages Because what does it mean if the landing page converts well? Means the more you earn I know that alliance members’ love for money may be more like this Anyone else I know every time I go to an alliance meeting everyone asks How can I make 20,000 $ a day or 20,000 a month and they realized I thought, “I want to enter 20,000 per day.” Daily 100,000 $ “never satisfied I just attended an alliance meeting and the participants asked once they made so much money How can I avoid taxes and save money? Then everyone said to move Puerto Rico and you do n’t need to do this, just focus on optimizing your landing page Let’s first look at this bad debt landing page Someone will have a bad credit history when they need a loan and it will be difficult for them to borrow and this landing page contains Call to action, some text, and some small buttons or pictures To show the operation steps even it also explains the requirements and then some small print For everyone, because the screen is big So the small print may be easy to read but usually these words are cumbersome to read Even the landing page provides a map showing where the business operates and includes a footer A call to action button to get you started basically all of these I know what you guys are thinking. You see this landing page. Thinking “I know how to increase conversions” There are some basic methods but they are not my special suggestion. These basic methods can be There are too many options at the top of the title and sliding navigation bar. You want to remove the extra items and only leave a button about “Apply” This way you will click more than telling others to “click my account” Text is the same Some paragraphs are difficult to read. You can also reduce the footer navigation options. As shown on the previous page there are too many options What happens when there are too many options? Everyone thinks there are too many options What can cause it? Yes, visitors click on the wrong area These areas will not make you money Everyone wants to make money, right? Do n’t direct visitors to the Q & A page, you should let them Go to the registration or purchase page and these landing pages are missing … let’s go back to the landing page Take a look here this landing page is long but not every area Have calls for them to be more at the top and bottom There are calls for action so these are general recommendations but I am not here to give you general recommendations I will give you some general advice for all the landing pages I show But it will also provide some interesting points that I found so that everyone knows What kind of software company have I created? How many visits do we track every month? More than three billion times are not millions It ’s a billion. I ’m not the wisest person. Like some of you, I ’m at school. The grades are not always the best, but I always learn a good course It ’s a lot of Indians in the math conference room, you know what I ’m talking about If you are Indian you must learn math well If you cannot learn math well You’re in trouble, right? Hey look at those who nod Maybe they ’ve got A-experienced A-parents would think “not good enough Oh boy, you ’re going to be beaten today. ”You ’re in trouble, right? This is the truth. I remember my father once put my butt on the stove. As an Indian you have to do well but when he burns me he says “I’m sorry” and so on but I undoubtedly The grades are good, so these are the basic methods so how do other people go How about actually increasing the conversion rate of this lead form? My first suggestion to you, some people may have seen some others may not Is to interact with the visitors first. You can let them do the quiz. I used to have Nutrition site called Nutrition Secrets When you want to gather potential customers We will let them do the quiz because when we tell people to buy our product or opt in Lead form and then we let the sales representative call and tell them that the product will make them lose weight Or what other effects do such personal guidance we find People just do n’t choose to join. You have to customize them for example. You can test them “I’m a male, I’m a female” and this is more personalized You ask them “What is your goal?” Want results? Have more interest in our services and products? Please enter email, name, usually I do n’t push hard, I just say Want results? Please enter an email and name when I give them results I will eventually say “If you want to achieve these goals this is what you need” It’s this simple method instead of directly letting people enter information and collect This leads me to a 108% increase in conversion rates, which is pretty good, right? It’s simple how many people are technical And know how to do engineering design? Oh look at the indians raising their hands fortunately we have an IT class in India Yes but i don’t want to waste everyone’s time This is inefficient, you just use Lead Quizzes. I do n’t know how much Lead Quizzes costs. I don’t own it it’s not my company costs less than a hundred dollars per month You can create this kind of constant output and consumption Then you will know what conversions are best and generate the most leads Okay, now look at these bad debt sites, they do. There are sliding areas in these areas they will ask you to interact and ask you how much you want to borrow You can see why this way of letting people interact Than put on the main landing page and say “Hey this is us we are for bad credit Providing loans This is our service area These are not our service areas “Is it much better? You are affiliate marketers, do you think you will direct traffic to not serve Where are they? Of course not Facebook will allow you to achieve geographic orientation So you do n’t direct irrelevant traffic, why do n’t they let you Interact first? I do n’t just interact with a small slider I will then ask visitors more questions and collect leads Because if I waste you five minutes I let you do something Such as completing a questionnaire instead of providing a name and email I just ask questions about loans such as “Why do you want to loan?” “How much to borrow?” Finally, I want you to provide information for judgment If you qualify, you think, “Hey, I have wasted so much time Can also provide my name email and other information ” First of all, to attract interaction is really effective Do the same this is a software company that helps people collect emails but i let them First enter the URL and then I let them generate the email collection model In the end I said, “Hey, do you want this online? Please register for an account” My registration rate Up 52.11% because they would think I ’ve spent so much time participating and it ’s better to finish the rest If you are curious why interactive engagement is effective What’s your name? What? Dennis! OK, Dennis, if I came to you and said, “Will you marry me?” What would you say? Suppose I am the type of woman or man you like What would you say? OK? You’re crazy! Why promise? I might be a terrorist I may be a murderer. I may be anyone. I may be entangled. I am not sure. Right? But you need to understand that you say “OK” now But in most cases, what would you say? No, then why would you say no? Because you do n’t understand me So is your visitor. Almost all affiliates are working hard. Let people buy and buy and you will think “Oh no no problem I just increase More accounts will run out of these accounts. I only need to invest a few thousand dollars a day. ” You can do this but why not interact with your visitors first? I also found that when you interact with visitors first, you consume fewer accounts This will save you a lot of money if you are buying an account It’s like saying “Say hi to me?” Dennis will probably say “OK” and then we know each other and eventually we get married Or live together and I propose to him He is more likely to promise me how the real world works And your website should work like this. Do n’t forget to use the exit pop-up box. You have heard other people discuss exit popups before, but I will share with you Slightly different. If you are lucky, 3 of 100 people will buy it. Sometimes more than 3 and sometimes less but most of the time most people won’t buy So why not collect lead information when they want to jump out? In desktop ads My approach is that I create an exit popup but I put the background of the exit popup Make GIF Everyone is familiar with GIF is the kind of picture that will move I show in GIF why they provide their name and email My conversion rate is skyrocketing, copywriting is the same but just adding A stupid little GIF, my email collection rate increased by 42% This is great, right? Then you can do remarketing to get people to start buying I don’t know what affiliate marketers think of most of them Just want people to buy the mailboxes you want to collect all those who are going to quit This is a great way to boost sales. This crazy example below is perfect for those People who like mobile ads This is the highest potential customer I have ever seen in mobile ads Participation Conversion Rate This is a website that teaches you how to grow your wealth The ad asks how much money you want and the slider is a dollar sign I use iphone i know cellphone slum I ’m too poor to afford an iPhone. I ’m still using the iPhone 5. You have to slide the dollar slider. All the way before you can click the button This simple tip generates 16% of potential customers Think about it if you sell wrinkle cream you can use this slider and ask what you want Old woman who looks evergreen and then makes the slider wrinkled As the slider slides, she will become younger. Do you understand how to take advantage of this? “How much do you want to get out of debt?” If you want to sell as a bad creditor Loan site you can make sliders poor They will become more and more rich as the slider slides. Have you used this creatively? Now we look at the next landing page Have you heard of Babbel? You can do translations and learn differently on it. Language companies? They like blog posts on landing pages How many people will direct traffic to i don’t know how you call it Lead to such blog posts and such fake content sites Use CNN News to remove all navigation and you guys know what I’m talking about Look at Dennis how he laughs at how many times you do this kind of thing every day? Many times I met someone yesterday and he said “I have a team of 4 people” I said, “What do these people do? Do they do media buying?” He said, “No. They make false reports “” Whoever is going to give up The next thing at Double Down Casino will surprise you, right? This is what I made up. Do n’t go to great troubles. If you do, remember to pay me for affiliate marketing fees. I ’m kidding. Everyone can use it, but this kind of web page keeps expanding. It ’s just the content “let’s get started” button Sidebar ad look at this “article you might be interested in” They give you other articles and comments so basic suggestions include The sticky navigation here has no benefits. It just says “try Babbel.” Why should I try it? There is no description of the benefits. These are basic things. Remove “articles you might be interested in.” If you want visitors to buy, why should you let them see Another article? Another basic suggestion is to highlight the best reviews If certain reviews encourage people to buy I will put them on top If you want to do this deceit in the blog content Add a call to action if people are reading your blog content Then the text is that your call to action should not be in the sidebar You have to put them in the blog content so you get 3-4 times the traffic This is the easiest trick I don’t know why some people don’t do this These are the basic methods let’s see if i am them What do I do? I still give you my unique advice. My third unique suggestion is Everyone knows those dating sites using geo IP When you see this copy, you will feel warm and tender. For example, there is a website of Match.bangkok I do n’t know what dating site or match.com this site says “There are 1,000,632 single youth in Bangkok. What are you waiting for?” You can see that when this tender and warm geo IP positioning is added to the copy Advertising conversions will be better of course this is another example this person is online Selling People How To Make Money “I am determined to be in Las Vegas To train a million-dollar trader, my only question is whether that person will be you? “People will start to think “Oh, I’m in Henderson, not Las Vegas. Do I still qualify? Please let me join. “Of course he charges $ 7,000. Of course he will say “Do you know? I will give you an exception for you to join” Of course you have to get people to join. This is not 100% accurate but effective Expedia uses this method when I am on Expedia if I am in Los Angeles It automatically fills in Los Angeles and shows me flights to New York It even shows the most common flights I might take below This recommendation is because I ’m in Los Angeles and Bangkok but no one thinks “Oh I want to book a flight from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles” People usually start from their own city. Not always, but in most cases This helps increase conversions. We tested this on 5 landing pages Sales increased by 12.49% to 27.57% If I were Babbel, this is the example I gave for Babbel I would suggest that they show products based on IP For example, everyone in Brazil knows the people there What language do you usually want to learn? I grabbed it when I was in Brazil Screenshots from Babbel they should have English as their primary language Only 2% to 3% of people in Brazil speak English This is the language they usually want to learn because then they will be able to work at Upwork Make money on sites like this and have money to spend in Brazil but this site should Show me the basis of my most likely product judgment is me From where is my computer IP This is what Babbel should do But they didn’t do that, they should show the most popular languages ​​based on IP This is a very simple way to increase your conversion rate Upselling is easier than telling new buyers the website that is driving you traffic Add checkout resale items on the checkout page Doing so does not reduce conversion rates. Offer them to people when they buy Very tempting offer to get them a big discount You will find that income will increase by about 15% If affiliates or these companies get more revenue from the page What does this mean for alliance members? You get more paid Or if you have your own product, add checkouts and resell items that you pay to affiliates The money is the same, but the profit in your pocket will increase the speed And automation if you checkout and sell goods can help people in a more automated way Faster access to products, services, and conversion results.Why is this happening? Because people are lazy and checkout for resale products should not exceed 50% of the main product price If the price of the product you sell is $ 100, you can tout the checkout But the price should not exceed $ 50. The price must be cheaper than $ 50 If you can’t explain in one sentence the benefits of checkout The promotion effect will not be good. Keep the concise discount. The ideal situation is great. If the price of the product sold is $ 100, I like to set the checkout resale product to $ 30 Very simple and very easy for people to eat this set how many of you Will start adding checkout products on the product page? Just a few people? You guys have to add me and I bet you if any of you adopt These suggestions did not increase conversion I will give you free consultation i will answer the phone to help you free Remember companies like Google AdWords will pay me to sell Google AdWords Facebook also paid me to attend the conference If you actually take these suggestions and implement them, I will provide you with everything It ’s good to consult this deal for free, which means I am confident that this method works well Now we see another one that everyone is familiar with How many people on the product landing page like to sell wrinkle cream? Just a few people? Or did you like to sell it before? Maybe some people will think “No, we will sell it now Flashlight is up. ”For wrinkle cream, you will see this landing page, it has a lot of information. Many many many Seeing that the “Buy” button is a bit small compared to the page Read moreMore informationSee this formDomain names and phone numbers are hard to read Right? They should do a little better Why do they write America The product currency is GBP? Basic suggestion is that the “Buy” button should be bigger The price should take the text of the currency table field of the corresponding country Hard to read and the landing page is not easy to read on the phone This is bad because you make a lot of sales from your phone My first suggestion is to create a barrier to purchase How many people are familiar with Instant Checkmate? Not good Instant Checkmate Is a website that provides background queries if you are dating someone Most of you are members of the alliance, you date a girl You think, “Oh my god, she’s too hot. I met her at the league meeting. She ’s in that showroom. ”I said,“ Forget it. She ’s not interested in you. She just wants you. Direct traffic to her company “but let’s suppose you want Go after that girl and say “Oh my god, this girl is too beautiful and too smart She’s persuading me to drive traffic for her. If I do, she’ll date me. ” Some people are laughing. Maybe you have done this. Then you can go to Instant Checkmate and you want to “let me check Sarah’s attempt I want to make sure she won’t murder me “or how many people might be curious Think “I want to make sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend I went to Facebook and Instagram to find her, “so you visit The Instant Checkmate site has many obstacles They keep showing you more pages telling you “Oh we found more information We are searching in depth for what we will show you Will scare you, do you want to watch? “They asked you to wait for a few minutes When you wait for a few minutes they will say “What you see may scare you” What will you do? You will most likely enter your own information And pay, especially if you love this girl and prepare If I asked her to marry me, I told you not to make a hasty decision, so you will provide All this information and paying to do so translates well Why? Because you let people do these tricks if you let people Working for something they are more likely to transform Mike Chang in “Fast Do you know Mike Chang in this way? He used to have various ads promoting fitness products on YouTube and then he went to Weird meeting of life and spirituality If you believe it, there is nothing wrong with this meeting. I did n’t say whether I believe it or not. He then decided not to sell the product anymore but we tested it on several websites We create barriers for people to buy instead of letting them buy immediately For example, for skin care products, we would ask, “What is your goal? How old are you? How is your living environment? Is it dry or humid? What is your goal for skin care? Do you have problems with your eyes? ” Ask people all these questions and say “Oh you qualify” I’m on Mike Chang’s website I haven’t filled in any shit Just click “Buy” and he says “Congratulations on your eligibility to buy a product” No matter what I fill in I am eligible I tested 1 on 5 websites 34.63% while the other 4 sales have been rising 58.86% The effect is not bad, please try it immediately 6th adjustment copy will greatly affect the conversion rate If I sell skincare products, if you have a large landing page, you need to know one thing. I have written a lot of copywriting and I have paid for some of the best writers A landing page costs 60-70, 100 dollars, according to my analysis All data because I have analyzed a lot of data I understand 8 out of 10 people will read the title only 2 out of 10 people The key to reading the rest of the landing page is that the title is correct It’s also important but everything starts with the title if your title sucks Your conversion rate will also suck. Here are some simple heading rules Numbers and negative words increase CTR and read volume They will not only increase CTR if you do natural SEO Some of you are doing this. You should search within 65 characters each time. This will generate more search traffic. You have to match the headline with the content. If it is the title party purchases will be greatly reduced Odd numbers are better than even numbers Don’t ask why based on our test situation We found that 6-letter conversions are particularly good and avoid using Multi-sense words of course use powerful words and adjectives Fun, easy, incredible, etc. Here are some general copywriting techniques Stimulating interest is a powerful way to drive traffic and sales. What’s your name? Khulbat? I am an Indian. I should be able to read this name is Khulbat, right? Is it okay to pronounce it? Okay “Khulbat gave up Double Down Casino The next thing will surprise you. “That’s why you’re more likely to be curious. I will give up Double Down Casino, everyone knows those who play Double Down Casino People are more likely to buy your gambling product you also have to make sure Write a copy of the conversation if you don’t use words like “you” and “me” Copywriting is not friendly enough and will not be transformed Words like “you” and “me” make the copywriter feel kind Do n’t sell too strongly because it will reduce conversions To make the copy clear and dark, I do n’t know why anyone would use those Various pink dazzling landing pages I understand the product But their conversion would be better if their copy was easier to read on their phone You also have to make sure that your mobile landing page Is AMP friendly everyone familiar with AMP? AMP can greatly speed up landing pages To increase the conversion rate and of course to respond to objections You can use a tool like Qualaroo to ask visitors questions if they are on your page After staying for 5 minutes, they are probably not ready to convert to ask them “What is the purpose of your visit to the website?” “Did we help you find what you want?” Asking simple questions can help you understand the objections they hold Then you can make a copy to answer each of their objections Since everyone drives a lot of traffic, just look for the most common objections This is the best way to boost sales. I responded to my objection to a website with copywriting. A 14% increase in conversion. This just answers a small objection, “Why What do we want to buy from your competitors? It ’s really simple. This method can be used. Skin care products respond to objections on beauty products Last Landing Page VPN Solution Get Free VPN Duang It ’s very short and concise. It does n’t take too long. Not everyone knows what a VPN is so they should provide more basic information They should let people know that the product is easy to use and they should consider making short videos Explain the VPN usage process instead of using this picture in the upper left corner I know it involves privacy but you can use the video introduction What are the hidden problems to achieve the same goal? Why is it free? People will be curious You will lose a lot of potential buyers as a result If this were my VPN page I would do it-cause fear In some products you can make them buy by scary means This is my VPN page content hacking and privacy spying by IP address Follow you I actually made this page for a VPN company not this company I just changed the copywriting. This is my friend’s VPN offer. I wrote it on the page. This kind of content: someone is monitoring you we know this is your IP address you live in Berlin, Germany. When you use a MacBook Pro, you always like to go online. Especially at night is this time in your time zone This will scare people to death eventually I will say “This is just a small piece of information we have about you Want to stop surveillance? Use this free VPN Then we and others ca n’t follow you. ”How scary do you see this? Don’t you think this will make people download? Of course it will be when we are on the VPN site This increased the conversion rate by 39.14% This is incredible. All we did was display the information based on the visitor’s IP. We don’t actually provide too specific information and we even make judgments such as “You like to browse the web with Safari” “You are a loyal user of Mac products” or If visitors use chrome “You like Google, it ’s a Google product Loyal users include Google search and chrome “by creating an atmosphere of terror Conversion lifts my last suggestion is to ask customers and visitors to help If you collect emails through offers, most affiliates do n’t do this. I do n’t know why because most of the traffic wo n’t convert You want to gradually influence them with free information like “If you do it for me X, Y, Z, I will give you this benefit. ”The subject line I used was“ I need help Can you help me? Also I have good news. ” I just wrote the email basically saying Hi John or Dennis I hope you can help me I want the world Younger I have a great skin care product rest assured I am not asking you Sell ​​it instead what i want to do is i want you to help me Let the world know about this product in exchange I will give you free samples You only need to pay the shipping cost, I will let you help Just let others know about this product Share links and more on Facebook and Twitter It’s really simple people will start sharing and they will reply to your email And say “Oh my god this is awesome” and then they will blog and say How good you are then duang your traffic and sales have improved Traffic doesn’t increase much but when someone recommends a product or service I find that sales will increase by an additional 6.41% I do n’t mean much traffic increase if you drive or get visitors Up to a million levels you will not notice Increased traffic but very high conversion rates for people who refer to your page Will change from a visitor to a buyer. This is what I share Let’s enter the Q & A session Thank you very much i think we should take the initiative To the audience we can invite you to speak This is a rare opportunity. We have two microphones here, although they are mentioned here to make sure they are clear. Pointing the microphone at you can ask me the most ridiculous marketing question And conversion issues remember I worked with Facebook I worked for Facebook and you guys did Facebook advertising. I also worked with Google. Help them sell AdWords so you can ask any questions I will answer “Ask me any questions.” Let’s start. I’m talking about him, not me Jake came over and whispered in my ear, I will say it again Ask hello i think i have to It ’s all done because I had this situation yesterday. I am your fan is Indian called Solo. My problem is artificial intelligence. What role does it play in landing pages? Does it really work? Are you asking what role artificial intelligence will play online? Yes i asked on the landing page i dont think you will see in a short time There are too many artificial intelligence applications and you will see applications of virtual reality for example For skincare products you can display the product in virtual reality People can actually see the time to achieve this aspect of the product Will be earlier than artificial intelligence, at least I think so Because I see a lot of companies investing heavily in this area This investment is prioritized over artificial intelligence Besides artificial intelligence … you will start to see the complexity Advanced things AI can increase your knowledge of a person such as IP Addresses are based on people’s general behavior Knowing that someone in Brazil wants to learn English will make you see sales Maximize it and then talk about what AI people analyze Is data and the problem here is that privacy laws change You will see the emergence of the EU in the next three or four months Many new regulations we are already redoing a lot East and west regulations on service privacy will make it harder for AI to work But if you want quick tricks to boost sales now that everyone is an affiliate Will lead people to products and offers. I suggest everyone make videos for all clicks Button people do remarketing pixels because if someone clicks the button you know them Visited a landing page but because you ca n’t always be on someone else ’s landing page Put pixels they will limit you I recommend putting buttons based on button clicks You are adding pixels to this person because you can always redirect them to you by converting pixels Track them eventually if they have this You can show them YouTube and Facebook videos through remarketing This lasts 7 days to introduce the product and tell them if they buy What kind of service and experience will be the highest level I have seen so far Conversion advertising is something everyone should do And it ’s the opposite of landing page sales, because if the landing page does n’t make them buy This means you have to do the exact opposite This is the best way to convert this kind of person. This suggestion is good. Ask another question. What tools do you recommend for landing pages? What’s your favorite? My favorite landing page tool? I often use Leadpages The click funnel is also good but the problem with landing pages is If you want to customize them, you can’t use any of them, you just have to Find cheap labor on Upwork and urge them to do it for you. Thank you You are welcome while waiting for the next questioner I would like to ask you about messaging software What is marketing thinking? Will you someday Messaging software integrated into your funnel is effective, it translates well But for auto-generated chat sequences we found that conversion rates are decreasing I did n’t talk much about messaging software before Until half a year to a year ago I found that my data started to decline I thought “OK, then I will share all these messaging software stuff” for a while I have a click-through rate of 60% to 70% “My click-through rate is 90%” but my total is larger and simpler than messaging software The method is to push notifications, everyone has a lot of traffic audience and what I do is Just push notifications on the prospective customer collection page that you control And let people choose to participate. The conversion rate is really high. You just use the HTTPS page. Because then it is in the browser and people do n’t know what they accept And people usually just accept everything and then you can push notifications Gradually penetrate, for example, simply educate your audience to bring them back to visit more landing pages Let them translate to all your other offers Because once you have a skin care product And if someone buys it, you can sell all other related products to This crowd is a great way to get more profit from paid traffic I think the primary concern for affiliate marketers is Make more money from consumers in the life cycle, not just produce and then lose customers Yes, some people just keep producing and losing. I do n’t know why this is why I have a number of alliances. The company has cooperated and changed. This is because Facebook ads are getting more expensive. If this is not the case, because the alliance members are lazy, we will continue to work hard to establish new customers Of course there is nothing wrong with doing this This makes money fast and some of you are very successful. This gives you more power. But if you can make double money, why not? Exactly. Anyone else have a question? Hi Neil, can you get closer to the topic? Hi Neil I ’m Deepak from India. I have a blog called DigitalDeepak.com. One of my questions. What do you think of the future of SAS? Because I find more and more excellent SAS products Lots of free features to attract the market I’ve watched your lecture video on this and you said … KISSmetrics then Mixedpanel is offering free products They defeated us by free of charge We are developing the tools we choose to participate in and we provide this for free we deploy 2,000 sites but then we have difficulty turning traffic into paying customers Even if you go to CrazyEgg you will find that they are providing Free products if more and more people provide in the future in order to attract the market What about more free products? So what do we end up with? Let the people in our funnel bring benefits if you provide free Convert to customers if you take the free strategy most of the 5% of SAS is 4% to 5% Will convert into paying customers. If your ads are really good, the conversion rate will be about 8-9% Most marketers say free when they do a free trial Premium trial account or free account then they will try to get you to offer Credit card information and if you do not provide them they will downgrade you to Generally free account but they will urge you to tell you that the trial period is over Their marketing will be strong and free and it works great because it can reduce Your advertising costs but if you use this method you have to optimize your funnel I want to say to everyone in the Alliance World I’m not too much an affiliate. I don’t actually do much affiliate marketing. But I know a lot of affiliate marketers but you rank very high # 1 in affiliate marketing At least in the United States, I learned that … because I do n’t compete, I can Seeing everyone’s data, everyone will share with me who sells SAS products Long-term returns are highest but short-term returns are lowest It has a high conversion rate but this type of marketer finds that the customer ’s Full life cycle value because customers pay for one or two years for these companies … Ask Affiliate Marketing When you earn a million dollars a month How difficult is it to sell? Let’s be honest how many people think of themselves Can sell 4 times the profit? How many people feel like raising their hands Will it be difficult to find a buyer if you ca n’t sell it? If you do n’t find it easy Find a buyer, please raise your hands. How many people feel lucky? How many times can I sell for profit? Please raise your hand No one wants to raise their hands anyway I will share a little secret with you Do you guys know the valuation of my SAS company? Guess what Which company? How many times? 4 times! I can sell 6 to 10 times the revenue. It ’s crazy and I just need to make a profit to break even You can sell the company for 6 to 10 times the annual income, you think How crazy is this? The incredible reason is that profit is recurring. Yes, it is stable. It’s more predictable. It’s really easy to take repeated profit schemes to accumulate wealth. And the private equity firms that are buyers of these companies keep buying them. Earn profits from bank loans at 6% interest Then they will use your company’s profit for example 20-30% profit To pay the bank loan and they will all own the company just pay 20-30% down payment and then sell it is still a problem with this model You can decline to answer this question. How big is your email list? How do you use Convertkit for email? Is that my email list on neilpatel.com? Or the total size? I will tell you on neilpatel.com Unpaid mailing list is about 550,000 active subscribers. Open rate is over 30% I do n’t sell to people on the email list so the open rate is high There are two people waiting behind us But only 5 minutes left Thank you very much Hello neil i’m chris i love your share Thank you very much. I remember you said sober dreams a long time ago What is a hot topic? Lucid dreaming yes yes i remember you said in berlin i will mention it again I was in Berlin at the time and I was curious that you have a suggestion that will help us determine the current Hot topics and discover new trends? Of course Google Trends lets you know What’s hot is that it is very simple, you can use tools like KeywordTool.io and Ubersuggest If you enter keywords it will tell you about specific industries What are you searching for? It will give you the whole long list. This works great. Beyond watching people on Facebook stream What are you talking about? Don’t look at ads. Look at people on the stream. Discussed Topics This topic usually becomes popular to check Google News Popular and hot stuff there is usually also popular Is to find a real conversation, yes, do n’t pay attention to paid advertising Pay attention to real conversations because the ads reflect what they want you to discuss Not necessarily what people actually want You ask, by the way you are great A small question. Based on my observations, you will study a lot of user behavior in all your works. Do you think today’s market is getting stronger due to offers Do you think users will not be as good as they are now? The difficulty will get more and more but because the technology is improving It’s like creating a more privacy bill that increases the difficulty But because the technology has improved a lot, you can collect more data So the basic situation remains the same because according to my understanding of your speech it seems You must take more steps to give your audience false confidence So you can actually get him closer to your offer I want to tell you that I personally do not make false steps But when I talk to people at the meeting they will tell me just tell They ’re the best way to convert any situation. No, it ’s not a fake step. I mean a setting step. Bringing closer to the audience makes users feel closer. Of course, you need more touch points. Just think about marriage if I propose to you now even if you think I’m great You would also say I’m crazy, right? Yes, if I go to know you and say Do you know? What’s your name? Araluca, I think we took a photo yesterday. Yes i remember well If I said let’s go coffee, you would say OK Then I invite you to dinner, our relationship will soon be promoted one year later If I propose to you, you are more likely to agree to the website. To create such steps you are more likely to get people to convert Because they will feel warmer and more comfortable for you The only thing you don’t need to do is if you are selling a big brand like Amazon If you are Amazon you don’t need this step because everyone knows Amazon Because comfort already exists because of historical performance because it is inherent Yes thank you Can still ask a question hello neil thank you for your wonderful speech and thank you Materials shared through blogs and podcasts my question is to you And Eric, what are your suggestions for selling high-value products? Such as training products that cost more than $ 2,000 Would you focus more on content marketing or Facebook Ads? You can do Facebook Ads with someone called Jason Hornick. Offer with a price over $ 2,000 usually allows you to get ad spend Double the income. I have never seen him before. I have nothing to do with him. When I advertise with him, I sell high-priced offers through webinars I remember I gave a speech in AWA or Berlin before? Anyway I think these two events are Berlin. I ’m not sure if they are one of the two. You can find the presentation if you can’t find it you can email me i will send you Teach you how to make a perfect webinar file and its conversion rate is really good I think Jason helped me achieve a level of 500,000 or 600,000 monthly income It ’s very profitable and its effect is much better than content marketing My good friend Sam, do you know Sam Evans? The high price offered to him is worth millions Not 7 digits, but 8 digits and tens of millions The conversion effect is really good, you try and you will introduce me Jason Hornick, right? I ’m going to introduce it. I ’m looking forward to it. We do conference ticketing we think webinars Undoubtedly the best way to combine webinars with redirects is essentially Start by offering lower priced products to get people a little value and then sell them To more expensive webinars and our remarketing … Maybe someone here is our remarketing target. I just can see this for you. It ’s this kind of remarketing. The return on investment is crazy, but we have to understand Is Cold Flow How Many People Want to Sell Through Webinars And get 2 times the cost of advertising? If enough people raise their hands I will do something for you now everyone is raising their hands If everyone emails the conference party Can I send it to you? Of course, send it to Eric @ istackholdings. I will send it to you. A series of emails that I use for webinars. Although you copy them, just do n’t use my name. I will send you my presentation I will send you webinarjam tips such as the exit popup box Fake chat records we createdWe even ping people when they leave the browser We’ll set up ping notifications so people know they won’t be distracted And a text reminder that I will send them all to you This way you should be able to achieve at least 2-3 times the cost of advertising Merry Christmas to everyone Merry Christmas Let us be Neil Warm applause thank you

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